Monday, May 19, 2014

'Home Free!' comes to Orlando Fringe Festival

     ORLANDO — One of the original Off-Off-Broadway productions from the 1960s, “Home Free!,” is set to be performed this week at the 2014 Orlando Fringe Festival. This short one-act play with more questions than answers will leave theatergoers reflecting on the concept of having a happy home when things are far from normal.

     “It’s a play about fear holding you back, fear that can stop you in your tracks and from taking action,” said director Julia Gagne. When Gagne started to look for a short play that fit into the Fringe style, she remembered “Home Free!” from her time as an undergraduate and as part of the script analysis classes she taught at Valencia College.

     This show consists of two main characters, Lawrence played by Zach Lane and Joanna played by Cameron Gagne. The two are young lovers expecting a child, even though they also claim to be brother and sister.

     Lawrence has several odd personality issues that include fearing the outside world and spending his time talking with two imaginary children named Edna and Claypone. He is bright and inventive, but lacks social skills or any real drive or ambition due to his crippling agoraphobia.

     Where most people say opposites attract, Joanna appears nearly as crazy as Lawrence. She does have the ability to leave the home, but embodies her own strange behaviors as times. It’s not clear if she’s just egging Lawrence on as she plays games to taunt and tease him and tell fantastical stories of the outside world.

     Lane’s performance of Lawrence is full of energy and believable, despite the unbelievable way his character behaves. Gagne gives another stellar performance for Joanna considering all the ambiguous motives and actions she undergoes.

     What's eventually made clear is this strange living situation is coming to an end, and this time it becomes a matter life or death. Though things can be odd at times during this play, the actions of both actors brilliantly encapsulate the minds of the characters in the most sincere way.

     “Home Free!” will be performed at the Orlando Fringe Festival’s Black Venue located at 511 Virginia Drive. Shows will be held in the evening at different times for the last six days of the festival on May 20 at 7:30, May 21 at 6, May 22 at 9, May 23 at 7:30, May 24 at 2:30, and May 25 at 6.

     Show tickets are $8 at the door with a Fringe button, and can also be purchased in advance at

By James Tutten

(Photos by Yvette Waters Photography.)

Zach Lane and Cameron Gagne perform a tech rehearsal for their upcoming show "Home Free!"


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