Sunday, July 14, 2013

Gregg Allman's rich soulful sound fills CFE Arena

     ORLANDO — Iconic rock and blues singer-songwriter Gregg Allman, along with members of The Gregg Allman Band, performed with refined distinction at the CFE Arena on Saturday, July 13.

     Allman came out to greet his fans at the start of the show, then settled into his Hammond B-3 organ and began burning up the keys while performing his hit single “I’m No Angel.”

     His on-stage persona reflected a focused man who was fully engrossed in the musical moment. The 65-year-old performer still possesses a clean tone to his singing voice with just the right amount of roughness to convey the soulful pain of the blues.

     Overall, the tone of the show was slow tempo striped-down style that focused on alternating rhythms and talented solo features. Though often associated with southern rock, Allman and his band have a style that harkens back to the rhythm and blues roots of rock n’ rolls.

     The diverse group of musicians that accompanied Allman help to create a well-rounded ensemble, and everyone showed a tremendous level of talent and professionalism throughout the performance.

     Lead guitarist Scott Sharrad was phenomenal with every note-bending solo he performed, which was an essential accompaniment to songs known for their iconic solo breaks. After slowly making his way on stage; blues singer Floyd Miles from Daytona Beach brilliantly accompanied the group on several songs, as he sang aloud and tapped his walking cane along to the beat.

     Members of the audience listened on with a somewhat quiet reserve until some of the well-known Allman Brothers Band songs were performed midway through the set. Donning a black acoustic guitar is wasn’t long into “Melissa” that fans began to cheer and sing along as they became fully engaged with the performance.

     This was shortly followed up by other classic Allman Brother’s hits like the rebellious “Midnight Rider,” and an up-tempo version of “Whipping Post.” This built up to an extended version of “One Way Out” that featured long solos from the drummer, bassist and other members of the Gregg Allman Band, and created a stupendous climax to this electrifying performance.

     “This was my first time seeing him, but I’ve been a fan of Gregg for my whole life,” said concertgoer, Blaine Upton, who was also ecstatic to catch one of Allman’s thrown guitar picks. “I really loved the live version of ‘Whipping Post.’”

     Gregg Allman has several upcoming performances across the country scheduled through late October, and more information can be found on his website at

By James Tutten

(All photos by James Tutten)

Guitarist, Scott Sharrad from The Gregg Allman Band.

Gregg Allman performs "I'm No Angel" at the start of his performance at the CFE Arena in Orlando.


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