Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hot Water Music brings steamy punk to Beacham

ORLANDO  Gainesville’s own Hot Water Music played a breakneck exposition of punk rock music at The Beacham club in downtown Orlando Thursday, Jan. 17. This packed show gave the seasoned group, originally formed in 1993, a chance to shine with a crowd of diehard fans.

It hasn't been easy for the Hot Water boys with times of separation challenging the band's founding members and the general drag of life on the road with time spent away from family. They have made it through the good and the bad after 18 years of playing together to establish a core group of supporters that have fallen in love with their music.

Christopher Black has been a fan of their music since he was in high school over a decade ago and said “I just can’t help but feel a connection with their music, it was the soundtrack to my life and one point.”

Hot Water Music have performed with some of the biggest bands in punk rock such as Rancid, NoFX and The Bouncing Souls.

Their sound is like most post-hardcore groups with wrenching vocals and driving rhythms, but lead singer Chuck Ragan and fellow singer Chris Wollard often alternate back and forth on a number of songs while maintaining an overall cohesion.

The younger crowd of fans were also in attendance for this tour thanks to the addition of two up-and-coming groups called The Menzingers and La Dispute. When asked, the older fans in attendance said they came out to see Hot Water Music.

“I like Hot Water Music and everything, but I honestly think The Mezingers are a better band,” said Jacob Kingsley, one of the younger concertgoers.

Though all three groups fit well together for one evening, once HWM took the stage it was apparent that they have earned the right and display the musical chops needed to be considered an headlining act.

“I’ve been a fan of theirs for about 12 years, and they haven't played in Orlando in five, so I wouldn't miss it,” said enthusiastic fan, Soorya Arsala.

After going eight years since releasing their last album it looks like Hot Water Music is back with a vengeance after releasing “Exister,” and have proven themselves to be a legitimate punk rock force to be reckoned with.

By James Tutten

(Published: Jan. 23 issue of "Valencia Voice" on page 10.)

(All photos by James Tutten)

Chuck Ragan, singer-songwriter from Hot Water Music.

The Menzingers rock out on stage at The Beacham in Orlando on Jan. 17


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