Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Casey Anthony found not guilty, still responsible

     One of the biggest stories in American news is the high profile trial of Casey Anthony. After several years of developments in this drama filled trial, comes the time when the jury has decided the fate of Casey Anthony as "not guilty."

     The fact is Casey had possession of her deceased daughter’s body on June 16, 2008 as stated by her attorney, Jose Baez, in opening statements. Casey went 31 days of concealing the death of her child, not just failing to report a missing child.

     This was a trail about desperate acts and desperate people.

     Casey’s litany of lies, was her futile attempt to avoid responsibility for the death of Caylee, is the desperation of a young mother who wants the freedom to live her life without the burden of a child.

     George Anthony expressed his desperation upon the discovery of his granddaughters’ remains in his subsequent  attempted suicide and suicide note.

     Cindy Anthony tried desperately to implicate herself in the damaging internet searches, though it was revealed she was in fact at work, in a nurturing attempt to prevent her daughter Casey from receiving the death penalty.

     Though there is no “smoking gun” piece of evidence; there is in reality, a dead child whose mother is responsible. There exists a trail of evidence from the admission of Caylee’s death on June 16, to the deception thereafter, the false police statements, odor in the car, internet searches and attempts to blame others.

     Motive and opportunity are the "smoking gun."

     Home videos and family photos portray a happy loving family while the trial and drama leading up to the trial show this family’s darker side filled with lies and deception. The fact remains that Caylee died with her mothers knowledge and her mother concealed the death and body.

     We must ask ourselves "does it really matter how she died?" At the end of the day, the jury has decide the level of Casey’s responsibility of the death of her little girl, Caylee.

By James Tutten

(Above photo courtesy of Red Huber / Orlando Sentinel)


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