Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Spiritual movie producer speaks with students

     ORLANDO, Fla. -- David Nixon produces and directs Christian themed movies from his Orlando based film production company, Possibility Pictures. His past two films were small budget projects that have grossed over 100 million dollars combined and have been released all over the world. Nixon came to speak with students and staff at Valencia’s West Campus on Thursday, Dec. 3 to discuss his next film entitled, "Letters to God."

     "Movies have such a power to touch people’s hearts and change their perception," said Nixon. When asked why he has decided on a Christian based message Nixon said, "I know that these movies have that power to touch people’s lives."

     The film, "The Passion of the Christ," produced and directed my Mel Gibson six years ago, was also an independent Christian themed movie that went on to make more than 370 million dollars at the U.S box office. This success inspired Hollywood to start looking into what they now saw as an underappreciated market. With his film, "Facing the Giants," Nixon was surprised to see, not only interest in the film, but they were looking to give it the normal distribution as opposed to a limited release.

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