Monday, October 26, 2009

Local artists get support from major bookstore

     ORLANDO, Fla. – Fernando Fonseca a local guitarist and song writer is working to get his music to the world. He remains true to his unique music style that he brings to Barnes & Noble shoppers on colonial.

     Fonseca has played guitar for over 20 years, and his influences on the guitar have been; Eric Johnson, Ottmar Liebert, and Juan Carlos Quintero to name a few. The style of his guitar playing is flavored with tastes of bossa, flamenco, jazz, and classical, blending sounds of America with the Mediterranean.

     Fonseca enjoys playing at Barnes & Noble “Because of the fine job that they do in promoting, and working with an artist to bring something to the audience,” Fonseca said. This is his fourth show in the past year, and he likes that this busy store never has an empty seat.

     According to Fonseca, “I generally get good feedback from shoppers after all of my performances,” which take place in the Café area of the store.

     The Café where all performances take place is a high traffic area attracting most of the store’s shoppers. Their official web site states, “We pioneered the concept of a retail store as a community center, and our cafés are destinations for book and coffee lovers who often say, 'Meet me at Barnes & Noble'."

     The audience listening to Fonseca was mainly small groups of two or three customers seated around the café. Some are reading, others are using the stores provided Wi-Fi internet connection. Others are partaking of the selection of Starbuck provided drinks and small lunch entrees.

     Kirsten Bruno who was meeting a friend at the café said, “I like what I’m hearing. He has the background music that sounds nice with his playing style.”

     Another customer, Michael M. Hall, said, “He sounds good. I enjoy anyone that can play as good as this guy.”

      Geoffrey Shoffstal, the events coordinator manager, is the person local musician’s contact if they want to perform at the store. “What we do through are local artist program is sell the artist CD in our music department and promote the performance on our web site,” Mr. Shoffstal said.

      The stores general manager Maryellen Keatly said, “We strive to provide events to get more customers into the building and make more of a social environment, not just another book store.”

By- James Tutten


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